Paul Rolland String Pedagogy - ESTA Summer School

What is Paul Rolland String Pedagogy?

The ground-breaking string pedagogy of Paul Rolland is renowned worldwide for its universal application to all levels of string-playing, all ages of players and teachers, and all string repertoire. Balanced movements, free from excessive tension, not only allow string players to gain a higher level of musical expression, but also learn advanced skills from the start of the learning process. Incorporating Rolland’s “actions” into teaching strings increases the teacher’s ability to be successful in their instruction and in modelling concepts, while also giving the student a clear and accessible vehicle for understanding and executing their movements and skills at the highest level possible. Healthy movements create the best sound, and Paul Rolland String Pedagogy allows players to perform at their highest potential while not sacrificing their bodies to pain or injury.

What is the Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Certification Program?

The certification consists of four levels. A daily schedule of an endorsement level will consist of sessions of topics in Rolland pedagogy from his publication ‘The Teaching of Action in String Playing’, as well as the specific application of his actions to private studio teaching, group and orchestral instruction, and all levels of performance. After each level is completed, an Endorsement is received for that level.

This year they are also offering the Level 1 Endorsement in Paul Rolland Pedagogy program. It carries an extra cost of $100 and will involve some extra classes during the week. Click here to book